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San Diego Computer Repair provide on-site technical support service, Data Recovery and Business Networks.

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Windows7 activation hacked? Already??

Only a week after MS put the finishing touches on their flagship operating system and a week before it reaches the public, hackers have cracked the code MS uses to verify their software is legitimate.


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Professional (prə-fĕsh'ə-nəl) adj. Having or showing great skill; expert.
n. A skilled practitioner; an expert.

Tech Pros is a full service support and computer repair company devoted to helping people take care of the computer problems that most people just don't have time for. Our PC computer repair technicians are dedicated to providing the fastest possible service in order to provide a low cost solution and minimal down time for our clients.

More About Us:
We are a San Diego-based IT services company. We have been providing first-class, on-site technical support to both home users and businesses all over San Diego county. We're exceptional technicians, good with people and great at having fun while doing top-quality work! With the Tech Pros, you don't have to fear typical "geek-talk" and condescension! We take pride in hiring and training our techs to be understanding, helpful and empathetic. We can help with everything from virus removal and wireless networks, to advanced servers and network design and consulting. We also offer online remote computer services, computer / laptop repair and data recovery. Tech Pros will rescue you from your technology headaches!

Tech Pros San Diego repairs all major computer brands:  


and... homebuilt desktop PCs

Tech Pros San Diego Repair Services:

Virus Removal
Network design, VPN, Server Repair
Data Recovery and Data Backups
Data Transfer and Computer Setup
Wirless Network Setup
Computer Won't Boot Diagnostics
Managed IT Support

and many more...

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